All I know is one day I was living my life like the average person does than the next day I was stuck in my house all day watching netflix and hiding away from the world.

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This wasn’t something Dean would ever tell Sam, he already got enough stick for calling her baby, but his Impala had a name. Ever since John had given the car to Dean she’d had the same number plate, KAZ 2Y5. It wasn’t anything he would say out loud, but in his private thoughts his baby was Kaz. She was the only thing in his life that had been with him through everything. She was the legacy of his father, she was the peaceful times on the road with Sam, she was his Kaz.

When they went on the run, his baby’s number plate had to be changed. Dean briefly mourned the loss of that identifier, that tether to his past but as with everything else in his life Dean was forced to move on. 

Time passed and the name Kaz slowly slipped from his memory. All that mattered was that his baby, one of this things he clung to most tightly, was still at his side.

Later, when a man entered his life in a shower of sparks and claimed to be an angel called Castiel, the nickname jumped unbidden to his lips. It was a long time since he’d spoken the name Kaz, even in the privacy of his own head.

When it happened it all seemed so natural that Dean never questioned it. Year’s later he found an old photo of his baby and recalled fondly the nickname she used to bear. The nickname now worn by another. His angel, his Cas.

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